An invitation to the debates and focus research

A series of debates and focus research, concerning the vocational education, took place at 3 consecutive dates in Poznan, Kalisz and Piła, as part of initial version testing of Wielkopolska Monitoring and Vocational Education Forecasting System.

For whom

We send invitations to the debate to the Presidents of the Cities of Poznan, Kalisz, Konin, Leszno, District Starosts from Wielkopolska, Directors of District Employment Offices from Wielkopolska, Heads of Education Departments in Wielkopolska, Directors of Teacher Training Centres from Wielkopolska.

People invited to take part in were first of all those, who work every day on gathering current information concerning adjusting vocational education for labour market needs.

Please take a look at the photo gallery from this event.

This solution, which is unique in the whole country, may soon become the most important source of current information and analyses on the labour market and education, skills and competences of future employees.

Objective of the debates
Opinion voiced by those who attended debates contribute to system development, which will have the result in fulfilling all the key information needs as regards adjusting vocational education system to the regional labour market. Taking part in debates contributes to improving the methodology of designing the system we implement.

Objective of focus group research

During the focus group research it was possible to work with the system and discover all of its functionalities.

Meeting dates

Debates took place on three dates in three following locations:

on April 6, this year, at 12.00 in Poznan at the Department of Education and Science of the Marshall Office of Wielkopolska Voivodship at 17 Piekary St., room 95, between 8th and 9th floor.
on April 13, this year, at 12.00 in Kalisz, at the Teacher Training Centre, 9a Podmiejska St.
on April 20, this year, at 12.00 in Piła, at the Teacher Training Centre, 21 Bydgoska St.
Focus group research took place on the following dates:

on April 13, this year, at 12.00 in Poznan
on April 20, this year, at 12.00 in Kalisz
on May 11, this year, at 12.00 in Piła