First stage of focus research with employers completed

On November 30 this year the first stage of focus research came to an end, which covered deepened interviews with entrepreneurs using, among others, association game. The research was conducted among 24 employees from Wielkopolska region, including:

  1. 16 people from microenterprises (12 people from Poznan and 4 from elsewhere),
  2. 6 people from small and medium enterprises (5 people from Poznan and 1 from elsewhere),
  3. 2 people from a large enterprise (1 person from Poznan and 1 from elsewhere).

Two out of four studies were conducted using a computer – an interview with testing of the initial version of monitoring and forecasting subsystem. Computer research was conducted in a group of 12 people.

The objective of the research was to examine employers’ needs regarding expectations towards future employees, defining problems in searching for employees, expectations towards monitoring system, and generating a general list and competences.

We would like to thank all employers for their participation in the research.