WSMiP at the Education Fair in Poznan

On March 4-6, 2011 Education Fair took place in Poznan, during which Poznan University of Technology took active part with the project Wielkopolska monitoring and forecasting system. The event was organized by Poznan International Fair, Marshall Office of Wielkopolska Voivodship, and Poznan Teacher Training Center. Education Fair was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of National Education, Minister of Science and Higher Education, and Board of Chancellors of the City of Poznan.

During Education Fair roll-up were placed at the stands of:

  1. Poznan University of Technology
  2. Marshall Office of Wielkopolska Voivodship
  3. Poznan City Office
  4. District Employment Agency in Poznan.

The objective of the promotional campaign was to promote information about the implemented project, and drawing attention to the fact that vocational education doesn’t correspond to labour market needs.

Education Fair were organized for students, their parents, teachers, headmasters, as well as representatives of local authorities. It is estimated that this year brought the record number of 45 thousand visitors.