Technology for economy

I Conference from the series of “Technology for Economy” titled “Strategic Solutions for the Knowledge of Technology Development in Poland.”

Poznan University of Technology in cooperation with partners in the prepared AWT® project organised a conference on the viability of launching strategic projects devoted to technical knowledge development in Poland. The conference was held at Poznan International Fair. The viability of implementation of individual projects for which the procedure was at the stage of preparations by the Ministry of Regional Development became a significant topic. Among the lecturers at the conference were the representatives from the Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and Ministry of National Education.

Success of the conference, prepared in a very short period of 45 days, can be attributed, apart from Poznan University of Technology, also to: Poznan City Office, Centre for Continuing and Practical Education in Poznan, Poznan International Fair, Poznan University of Technology Development Fund, Chamber of Construction Engineers of Wielkopolska Region, Local Education Authority in Poznan, State Vocational College in Gniezno, Jan Amos Komeński State Vocational College in Leszno, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Vocational Training Centre in Poznan, Labour Research and Enterprise Organisation Association REFA Wielkopolska, Federation of Science-Technical Associations NOT Poznan Council, Stanislaw Staszic State Vocational College in Pila, Polish Electricians Association Poznan Office, Polish Engineers and Mechanical Technicians Association Poznan Office.