Resolution No. 1350/08

Resolution no. 1350/08 passed by Wielkopolska Voivodship on November 29, 2008 on joining by Wielkopolska Voivodship the “Technical Knowledge Accelerator” programme and related activities as part of vocational education organisational concept.

Thanks to Education Department at the Marshall Office of Wielkopolska Voivodship, the Executive of Wielkopolska Voivodship became interested in the project, and upon becoming familiar with it, passed a resolution on joining the programme by the Voivodship; the Executive of Wielkopolska Voivodship therefore expressed interest, that the programme should be implemented in Wielkopolska with support by Voivodship authorities; the project became a programme, which meant that it was recognised as being system based and having closely collected organised character; passing the resolution meant that the programme was successful in the sense, that its concept was recognised as reflecting real social needs, and not only theoretical, but also practical values of the approach proposed; since that day the formal active cooperation between the Department of Education and Science at the Marshall Office of Wielkopolska Voivodship and the team preparing the AWT® project from Poznan University of Technology started.