Meeting with Ministry of Science and Higher Education representatives

Meeting in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Ministry of Regional Development has officially confirmed, that the procedure of selecting individual project within PO KL are under way; because the date of implementing the procedure wasn’t specified, parties preparing the project met again with the representatives from Implementation and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to ask for advice, whether to wait with implementing the AWT® programme for approval of individual project formula, or submit the project application for the competition within IV Priority KL. The outcome of the discussion was that if the project will take part in the competition following the typical procedure, it wouldn’t be the same project but another one, prepared for Poznan University of Technology, majority of Partners would be omitted and the effect of the solutions would be practically limited to the university’s borders; the team from Poznan University of Technology preparing the project decided to organise a meeting with signatory representatives to discuss which actions are to be taken regarding the project.