„AWT® – the project”

The first version of the document describing the details of the AWT® concept was entitled: “Technical Knowledge Accelerator® – the project.”

The first coherent Technical Knowledge Accelerator® concept was developed as the result of internal consultations, interviews, analysis of previously conducted research, also as part of projects done by other entities, as well as analysis of existing documents; the document was submitted to the Voivodship Labour Office in Poznan, Poznan City Office; after consultations, the decision was made to extend the concept utilising the experience and potential of extended number of institutions active on the labour and education market; at the same time, it became evident that such a broad concept can only be financed by regional funding ; therefore, it is necessary to search for national funding sources; it was agreed that it would be most effective to search for funding from the Operational Programme Human Resources Development; the second stage of activities has been started.