System Professionals

System Professionals or Wielkopolska System of Educational – Professional Consultancy is the tool created and developed within the framework of the project Time for Professionals – Wielkopolska Professional Education.

PUPILS through registration in the System and setting up a competence profile have the possibility to find the practice/training/ job corresponding to their skills and not only to their profession. Preparing CV for the employer is done based on an easy option of marking the skills from ready list available in the system. System shows offers of jobs/practices/trainings mostly adjusted to the profile of a pupil who takes a decision on his own of eventual contact with the employer.

EMPLOYERS AND ENTREPRENEURS through registration in the system get the possibility of using the system free of charge including registration of practice offers. System Professionals will indicate mostly suited persons from reliable database of professional and personal profiles of potential candidates. Thus employers and entrepreneurs may get apprentices whose competences and skills are optimally adjusted to their needs. Registration and utilisation of the System shortens the time of recruitment process as well as facilitates decision making concerning the employee selection. It is also a chance for establishing cooperation with professional schools in the region educating the skills mostly needed by the employer.

Thanks to the presence of the pupils and employers in the System it becomes a source of information concerning competences possessed by the pupils and the needs of employers, database of the knowledge for all sides engaged in functioning of labour market and the process of professional education. In the System Professionals which is free of charge, school directors, managers of practical education, teachers of professional subjects, professional advisers and consultants, psychologists, pedagogues as well as other representatives of the labour market institutions may generate free of charge reports concerning Wielkopolska region and their districts. That information may become the contribution to the improvement of professional education and opening new education specializations consistent with the needs of labour market.

Wielkopolska SCHOOLS, EMPLOYERS, LOCAL GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS AS WELL AS LABOUR MARKET INSTITUTIONS who wish to participate in creating of System Professionals are invited to cooperate. More information zawodowcy.org