E-learning system

E-learning system being created within the frames of the program “Time for Professionals – Wielkopolska Professional Education” is not only the rich content concerning professional education but also a description of organizational solution as well as prepared methodology of materials and tools utilisation.

E-learning system serves to integrate modules and tools within the system “Time for Professionals” in the way they cooperate and might be utilized by the users. The purpose of e-learning system is to increase the attractiveness of education through, inter alia: interactivity, enabling individual work, participation in group projects. System should constitute an educational platform serving to share content, exchange of information and opinions.

In its final, ready to use form e-learning system includes:

·     methodical units – 25 subjects for each of 6 professions (mechatronics technician, IT technician, economist technician, commercial technician, logistic technician and advertising organization technician) – all together 150 subjects,

·     – methodology of e-learning education – methodology guide and scenario schemes for lessons (courses) of each subject,

·     –  guide and technical manual for e-learning platform utilization both for the teacher as well as the pupil,

·     – 240 authorised and reviewed ordered texts covering issues and content of professional education,

·     –  153 positions of audio-video materials to be used in e-learning courses constructed,

·     – set of 1500 “stock” photos to be used in e-learning courses,

·     –  400 texts concerning scientific-technical topics,

·     – 100 video programs filmed by Poznan Television,

·     – 150 articles from “Academic R+D” periodical,

·     –  300 radio broadcasts,

·      – 1000 reproductions of glass plates namely Archive of Technique.

More information on the website zawodowcy.org