The strategy accepted unanimously

On January 31 this year members of Regional Thematic Network of Wielkopolska Voivodship (Regionalna Sie膰 Tematyczna Wojew贸dztwa Wielkopolskiego – RST WW) reached decision to pass Resolution no 4/2011 on expressing an opinion on the Strategy of implementation of the innovation project carried out by the Faculty of Management Engineering at Poznan University of Technology under the title Wielkopolska monitoring and forecasting system (Wielkopolski system monitorowania i prognozowania – WSMiP.) RST WW members accepted the strategy as submitted, which was followed by launching next stage of the WSMiP project on March 1, 2011. The meeting was attended by 26 persons, while 14 persons authorized to vote were present during the voting stage. Following the voting, among three options:

– pass the Resolution accepting Project strategy in question,

– pass the Resolution accepting Project strategy in question conditionally (on condition that amendments are made),

– reject the resolution,

The Resolution was passed univocally by persons authorized to vote.

The objective of Wielkopolska monitoring and forecasting system is to streamline exchanging information on labour market needs, vocational education needs and information on competence and professional skill gaps in Wielkopolska, among others. The IT system will be open to students, employers, and labour market institutions in the first half of 2012.

The project has two target groups from Wielkopolska region, who will be able to utilise the innovative solution:

users: entities operating in the area concerned with the analysis or the regional labour market, including labour market institutions (particularly District Employment Offices), schools and educational bodies offering vocational training (excluding adult vocational training),

customers: employers and non-adult students learning at schools and and educational bodies offering vocational training.

Poznan University of Technology partners in the project are: Wielkopolska Voivodship, City of Poznan, and Central Oshborobothnia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. District Employment Agency in Poznan is a cooperating partner in the project implemented.