Meeting in Ostrzesz贸w

On December 2, 2011 a meeting was held at Ostrzesz贸w District Office. The meeting focused on the organisation procedure of information panels – local seminars. The meeting was participated by:

– Ostrzesz贸w District Starost;

– Head of Department of Education, Culture and Sports;

– Director of District Employment Agency;

– Headmaster of Vocational School No 1;

– Headmaster of Vocational School No 2;

– Headmaster of Vocational School No 3;

– Maciej Szafra艅ski, WSMiP Project Manager;

– Marek Goli艅ski, WSMiP Project Team Manager;

– Magdalena Graczyk, Popularising Assistant.

Results of the joint study are soon going to be revealed to selected districts, interested in co-organising information panels – local seminars.