Wielkopolska Monitoring and Forecasting System


Demand to which the project responds

Major barriers in adaptation of the vocational education system to needs of the regional labour market are related to acquisition and use of information about the labour market and its connection with the vocational education system. Among others the following problems can be noted:

  • frequent lack of proper information,
  • a large number of information sources,
  • scattered information,
  • different standards of acquiring data and presenting information,
  • no information about information,
  • maladjustment of the massage to a recipient.

The solutions applied so far within the scope of acquiring information about interlinking of the vocational education system with the regional labour market are characterised by ad hoc analyses conducted by a number of independent institutions. Permanent and comprehensive market research studies with reference to needs of regional employers are not possible. In addition, there is no instrument either, which in a systematic manner would make it possible to collect up-to-date data on the labour market in Wielkopolska which could be used e.g. by public employment services. Conducted analyses quickly become out-of-date and a response of the education system to gained information is not rapid enough in order to meet the market needs.

The main objective of the project

The main objective of the project is to reduce maladjustment of information about needs of the Wielkopolska labour market to the supply of vocational education programmes in the region.

Target groups

The project includes the following target groups from the territory of the Wielkopolska region:

  • entities operating in the area connected with an analysis of the regional labour market, including labour market institutions (in particular District Employment Agencies), vocational schools and other educational centres (excluding vocational education for adults),
  • employers, under age students from vocational schools and other educational centres.