Partnership of Science and Progress

Partnership of Science and Progress

Partnership of science and progress is a name of a project implemented by the Wielkopolska Region within the priority IV: Higher education and science, Measure 4.2.: Development of human resources skills in the R+D system and greater awareness of the role of science in  economic development. The project started on 1 July 2010 and will be finished on 31 March 2013. Its total cost amounts to PLN 3 813 574.10. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education serves as an intermediary institution.

While implementing this project, the Wielkopolska Region cooperates with two partners:  Poznań University of Technology and Telewizja Polska S.A. (Polish Television) Branch inPoznań. The major task of the project is to promote innovative achievements of Polish and global science. The goals are to be attained through several popular science undertakings supported by research into efficiency of communication.

The project is mainly addressed to all students, but also staff members of scientific centres and staff members of entities from the R+D sector.

Making every effort to promote science and progress

The project is informative, therefore the major tasks are connected with promotional measures.

The Internet vortal, which collects and shows all actions taken within the project, is the basic Polish nationwide instrument of the project: Partnership of science and progress.

Television programmes titled: “Scientific Shot” produced and broadcast by Telewizja Polska (Polish Television) Branch inPoznańplay a very important role in the project. Radio Afera prepares a cycle of programmes entitled “Pimp My Mind” broadcast in the Polish nationwide network of student broadcasting stations. The electronic magazine called: “Academic R+D” and “Electronic archive of technology” will be issued also in the whole country.

Apart from the Polish nationwide media coverage also BTL campaigns will be launched within the project in 16 academic centres in the wholePoland. To a large degree BTL campaigns will be run by student organisations and within the campaigns there will be organised ambient actions with the use of photo codes and seminars aimed at promoting achievements of science applied in economic practice, with particular regard to examples from Wielkopolska.

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