About AWT®

Technical Knowledge Accelerator®

Area of activity
Technical Knowledge Accelerator®  concentrate on accelerating the development of technical, mathematical and natural science knowledge, but also the competencies and skills. Their development not only allows adoption to changing living conditions, prevent social exclusion, but also ensures the development of the economy, determines its innovation and competitiveness.

The history
Technical Knowledge Accelerator® is initiative that has been launched in 2006. Very soon, the area of interest has been extended to mathematics and natural science. In 2007 over 30 institutions from Wielkopolska signed the Letter of intent, concerning cooperation within the scope of development of technical knowledge and skills in the Wielkopolska society. Programme of acceleration of technical, mathematical and natural science knowledge was the response to the Letter of intent. The Programme was  a result of wide public consultations. Ideas and concepts included in the programme go beyond the framework of the region and concern the whole Poland.

Actions taken under the Technical Knowledge Accelerator®  aim to:
– improve access to knowledge and its dissemination. Technologies must be understandable to all people, not to a small group of scientists. Everyone has the right to know how the solutions that provide science, may affect him – what are the benefits, but also what risks are connected with them.
– create a system of education that will provide to everyone the necessary skills to use the latest, common achievements of technical, mathematical and natural science.

Projects for implementation of the Programme of acceleration of technical, mathematical and natural knowledge

The program is implemented within the framework of launched projects, funded from various sources. So far there have been four projects realized relating to the areas included in the Projects in Acceleration of Technical Knowledge, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Program:

  • Wielkopolska monitoring and forecasting
  • Affiliate relationship of science and progress
  • Integrated support access to information in urban space
  • The Professionals’ Time – Vocational Training of the Wielkopolska Region

The first two and the fourth were financed from EU funds under the Human Capital Operational Program, while a third from the National Research and Development Center.

There are two projects being implemented currently. The first is the Accelerated Development Method of Transversal Competences in the Practical Training of Students, which was launched as Erasmus+ Program on October 1st 2015 and will last until August 31, 2018. Our goal is to develop and implement innovative methods of supporting the acceleration of the development of transversal competences of students through improved use of practical training. Partners in the project are both universities: Centri University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Matej Bel University Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), Technical University of Czestochowa (Poland); University of Maribor – Faculty of Economics and Business (Slovenia), University of Economics in Wroclaw (Poland), and institutions directly related to the labor market: The Federation of Education in Jokilaaksot – JEDU (Finland) – Federation of Educational and Western Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland) – Chamber of Commerce.

The second project is a non-competitive one called The Professionals’ Time BISProfessional Wielkopolska Region, which was launched in the framework of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program 2014+ and will run until the end of 2022 by the Government of Wielkopolska (Department of Education and Science, Office of the Marshal of Wielkopolska) and Poznan University of Technology.

In connection with the launch of The Professionals’ Time BIS – Professional Wielkopolska Region the following forms of support are in force:

• Paid Internships for Students,

• Special Classes for Students in Technologically Innovative Laboratories,

• Access to Interactive Learning Materials for Students and Teachers prepared in modern technology contained on the e-learning platform

• Courses / Professional Training for Teachers,

• Equipment and Teaching Aids for 46 schools for Vocational Training in accordance with the Standard specified by the Ministry in the catalog of studio equipment or school workshops for 190 professions published through the website www.koweziu.edu.pl,

• Equipping 4 Vocational Training Centers, carrying out the tasks of the Center of Vocational Training, Practical and Continual

• Access to a special tool facilitating communication between students and employers and allowing matching of students and graduates for specific jobs using the identification of competence profiles and positions,

• Patronage of Poznan University of Technology on selected participating classes