The best world solutions on education are now implemened in Wielkopolska region

Between September 20-24, the Polish project group was consulting solutions for vocational education in Poland and Finland with a foreign partner – Central Ostrobothnia University for Applied Sciences from Kokkola in Finland. 12 people took part in the September study visit, inlcuding project team members and representatives from partnering institutions: Poznan City Office and Marshall Office of Wielkopolska Voivodship, as well as the representative of the cooperating institution: Poznan Employment Agency in Poznan.

Help by a foreign partner allows for adopting given solutions from a country, where education systems are considered one of the best in the world. During a few day visit in Finland participants learned about the vocational education system functioning in that country, and ways of implementing vocational education in selected institutions. Visits to some of vocational schools, meetings with vocational training experts, school headmasters and teachers ad significant influence on learning about the Finnish methods of vocational training. Many similar problems encountered both in Finland and in Poland were also noticed, which were already tackled by the Finns. Apart from solutions already in place, Finnish consultants discussed positive aspects of changes in vocational education implemented.

It is even more worth to utilise experiences of others, because many of the good and functioning Finnish solutions can be utilised as part of the implemented monitoring and forecasting project. Consultations with the foreign partner will definitely make positive contribution to the final effect of the implemented project.