Practice Laboratories

Practice laboratories have been created within the frames of “Time for Professionals – Wielkopolska Professional Education” project but really their creation is the effect of many years of work carried out within the framework of Accelerator of Technical Knowledge®. The purpose of laboratories creation was the improvement of access to professional practices.

Laboratories are located at Poznań University of Technology  as well as in Piła at Complex of Economic Schools and Complex of Secondary Schools No.1 named H. Cegielski. They are intended for holding practices in 6 professions:

       mechatronics technician

       IT technician

       economic technician

       commercial technician

       logistic technician

       advertising organization technician.

Within the framework of “Time for Professionals” project the laboratories may be used by the pupils of Wielkopolska technical schools. One week professional practices carried out by them cover 40 hours of trainings and exercises performed on the equipment used in enterprises under the supervision of tutors having knowledge and extensive experience.

Learn more about laboratories and practices carried out there at: zawodowcy.org