Book “Science and Progress. Knowledge Management for Innovations”

We invite for reading of the publication “Science and Progress. Knowledge Management for Innovations”. The book being the summary of activities undertaken within the framework of the project “Partner relationship of Science and Progress” is simultaneously a description of processes connected with the promotion of science. Based on the experiences from elaborating of the project products such as wortal www.naukaipostep.pl,  periodical “Academic R+D” or radio and television broadcastings, the concept has been crated for promotion of scientific achievements which may constitute an important support for information campaigns concerning science. Publication contains also presentation of widely understood concept of management of accelerating activities in the field of knowledge and skills development, especially technical and mathematic-natural.

The authors of the book are: Maciej Szafrański, Marek Goliński, Mariusz Branowski, Emanuel Kulczycki, Jarosław Kędzierski, Piotr Graczyk