Convention of Governors of Wielkopolska Voivodeship at Poznań University of Technology

On the 25th September, 2012 the meeting of Convention of Governors of Wielkopolska Voivodeship was held at Poznań University of Technology. The place of the meeting was chosen due to participation of Finish delegation whose role was most of all presentation of the possibilities of cooperation of educational institutions especially in relation to the planned investment of building nuclear power station in the region of Oulu but also development of the existing undertakings in the field of adjusting of professional and higher education to the needs of labour market.

First initiative of cooperation has been already undertaken within the framework of the project “Wielkopolska System of Monitoring and Forecasting” what was among others presented during the meeting of the Convention by dr. eng. Maciej Szafrański – Plenipotentiary of Rector of Poznań University of Technology for Accelerator of Technical Knowledge.