International conference

On October 17-18, 2011 an international conference in Poznan was held, with the participation of Finnish experts on vocational training. The conference titled “Time of professionals. Vocational education in Finland and Wielkopolska – systems of management and the links with the labour market.”, which was organized as part of the “Wielkopolska Monitoring and Forecasting System” project. Thanks to this, you could learn how management systems and links with the labour market look like in Finland.

The project carried out by Poznan University of Technology in cooperation with Wielkopolska Province, City of Poznan, and Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences, Ylivieska unit in Finland and District Employment Agency in Poznan, aims to increase and exchange knowledge about labour market needs, vocational education needs, and completing information on vocational skills and competences in Wielkopolska.

The system being currently prepared is to serve all institutional in Wielkopolska to acquire present data on adjusting vocational education to the needs of the labour market. This solution, which is unique in the whole country, may soon become the most important source of current information and analyses on the labour market and education, skills and competences of future employees.

During the conference, all the participants familiarised themselves with the general context of in which the Finnish vocational system works, with functions and working methods of regional educational federations of vocational schools, with particular schools organisation and management with special focus on their connections with the labour market and management of selected faculties at these schools.

Conference participants gained knowledge about one the best vocational education systems in the world, which the Finnish system is. Issued raised by speakers from Poland and abroad focused on multi-aspect comparison between the Polish and the Finnish vocational education systems. Experts also presented some of the problems and setbacks related to the process of implementation of new solutions.