International conference in Wągrowiec „Polish vs. Finnish vocational education system”

May 15th 2012, Wągrowiec – an international conference „Polish vs. Finnish vocational education system” took place. The audience comprised of the representatives of local government, job market institutions, local businesses and vocational schools principals in Wągrowiec.

During the conference:

  1. The governor (starosta) of Wągrowiec, Michał Piechocki welcomed the guests.
  2. Karolina Krenz  – Head of Education, Culture and Sport Department of the County  –presented the  county’s vocational education system.
  3. Sławomir Maciaszek – Head of Occupational Activation Centre of County Labour Office in Wągrowiec – described the situation in the county job market.
  4. Hannu Simi – the representative of Educational Municipal Federation of the Kalajokilaakso Region –  presented the Finnish vocational education system.
  5. Maciej Szafrański – Head of “Wielkopolska monitoring and forecasting system” – presented the project’s goals and the system developed as a part of the project.