1st stage of project realization comes to an end

On December 28 this year the work on Wielkopolska Monitoring and Forecasting System, which was the basis for evaluation of the first stage, was completed and submitted to Wielkopolska Employment Agency in Poznan. The document included the description of the initial version of the product Wielkopolska Monitoring and Forecasting System in adjusting vocational education to regional labour market needs.

The strategy was submitted according to the template for strategies in PO KL innovation projects, which was divided into the following parts:

  1. Project Substantiation
  2. Purpose of Innovation Implementation
  3. Innovation Description, including Final Product
  4. Final Product Testing Process Activities Plan
  5. Means of Checking Innovation Viability
  6. Popularising Strategy
  7. Mainstream Politics Introduction Strategy
  8. 2nd Stage Project Milestones
  9. Risk Analysis

First stage of implementing innovation project testing WSMiP finished on December 31, 2010 by drawing the strategy. The strategy drawn is the key innovation project management solution and it is evaluated by the Regional Thematic Network. Based on this opinion, the Intermediate Body decides whether to accept, or reject the strategy, or whether it needs to be amended. Preparing strategy by the Beneficiary and its acceptance by the Intermediate Body are conditions for entering the second implementation stage, and subsequently for the possibility of project continuation.