CERS 2017 – Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

 During the 6th international conference „Central European Conference in Regional Science”, representatives of the Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Management Engineering, Ph.D Eng. Maciej Szafrański, Ph.D. Eng. Marek Goliński, Ph.D. Eng. Małgorzata Spychala and Ph.D. Eng.  Magdalena Graczyk-Kucharska presented their work.

– Such meetings during conference only confirm that the processes of globalization are important, but the regionalization of activities is equally important, “says Ph.D. Eng. Maciej Szafrański.  – Regional research is just as important as the search for global relevance – he adds.

Scientists engaged for years in the AWT® have been presidents of the conference session.