Application – Science and Progress

Application – Science and Progress

What is the “Science and Progress” application?

The “Science and Progress” application is a free instrument which provides direct contact with Readers of the vortal na​uka​ipo​step​.pl by means of smartphones and mobiles. The application enables users to learn and draw information directly from the vortal and increases frequency and duration of communication between the vortal and a user. This directly contributes to the amount of information and offers which can be passed on to users.

How does the “Science and Progress” application work?

The application’s main page is its first element which a user comes into contact with and by means of which a potential recipient can:

  • view current news from na​uka​ipo​step​.pl;
  • view contents of the section “Scientific shot”, “Pimp My Mind” – divided into a current programme and archival programmes from na​uka​ipo​step​.pl;
  • view contents of the section “Academic R+D”;
  • divided into a current issue and archival issues;
  • with a possibility to download from na​uka​ipo​step​.pl.

In addition, users equipped with phones serviced by the Symbian platform or Android have at their disposal the so-called panel widget which enables them to follow news from the vortal na​uka​ipo​step​.pl with no need to start the application each time. Users are provided with access to the foregoing functions by clicking on relevant buttons displayed in screens of their mobiles.

Who are recipients of the application?

Young (age: 15-25), dynamic people highly interested in the world, who wish to expand their horizons and know more, students who take care of development of their careers are the dominant target of the “Science and Progress” application. In addition, the application is addressed to research workers and staff members of the widely understood R+D sector.

What does the Partnership of Science and Progress application offer within the Partnership*

  • publishing information about conferences;
  • publishing information about trainings;
  • publishing information about seminars;
  • publishing other information about science or popular science;
  • publishing information about internships and apprenticeships;
  • publishing professional offers for students and staff members of the R+D sector;
  • publishing information about own research and scientific achievements;
  • publishing information about scientific activities conducted.

Benefits for a Partner in the “Science and Progress” application

  • larger penetration of the market by information placed in the service and application;
  • increase in the number of loyal and returning users;
  • improvement of partner’s reputation as a modern partner who follows contemporary trends;
  • better promotion of events and other activities conducted among young people, research workers and staff members of the R+D sector;
  • joining of an employer with able and active students.

What do we expect?

A professional and reliable approach to rules of Partnership. We believe that cooperation between entrepreneurs – research workers – students is the basis for success and a binder for dynamic development. The Partnership of Science and Progress project accelerates cooperation between representatives of different industries, fields and social groups. Whereas, the Partnership offered by us within the instrument i.e. the “Science and Progress” application serves for attainment of our major goal: promotion of science, progress and Your achievements.