Year 2015 – Launch of the Time for Professionals BIS – Professional Wielkopolska project

Year 2015 – Launch of the Time for Professionals BIS – Professional Wielkopolska project

The non-competitive project “Time for Professionals BIS –  Professional Wielkopolska” was launched as a part of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program 2014+ and will run until the end of 2022.

It’s being managed by the Local Government of Wielkopolska Provience (Department of Education and Science, Office of the Marshal of Wielkopolska Region) and Poznan University of Technology in cooperation with the local governments, employers and schools which educate professionals in the ​​Wielkopolska. The project will develop activities that were initiated in 2012-2015 in the “Time for Professionals – Wielkopolska Professional Education.”

Ground to the continuation of these activities is the success of previous initiatives, highlighted by the Minister of Infrastructure and Development entitled “The Best Investment in Human” in the competition “Good Practices ESF 2014”.

The project establishes the following forms of support in the framework of the activities:

  • paid internships for pupils,
  • special classes for pupils in technologically innovative laboratories,
  • access to interactive teaching materials for pupils and teachers prepared in modern technology posted on the e-learning platform,
  • courses / vocational training for teachers,
  • equipping 46 schools with teaching aids for vocational training in accordance with the standard specified by the Ministry in the “Catalog of Studio Equipment or School Workshops” for 190 professions shared through the website,
  • equipping 4 Vocational Training Centers , carrying out tasks consistent with the tasks of the Center of Vocational Training , practical and continuing
  • access to tools to facilitate communication between pupils and employers and matching  pupils and graduates with specific jobs using the identification of competence profiles and situational profiles,
  • patronage of Poznan University of Technology on selected classes participating in project.

Units of local government, employers and individual schools participating in the project will have the opportunity to co-create regional “Wielkopolska Network of Education and Economy”.

The objective of this regional project is the sustainable reconstruction of the vocational training system in Wielkopolska Provience and expanding and strengthening relationships between schools and employers.

This consists of but is not limited to employers involvement in the process of advising pupils about the degree of professional development, more accurate internships skills matching with the competence of pupils  using the “System Professionals” and supporting schools and employers in the process of communication with the local labor market institutions.

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The total value of the project is 63 500 000.00 zł, including the amount of EU funding (ESF – 85 % ) – 53 975 000,00 zł, including the state budget funds (5 %) . The remaining amount, representing 10 % of the project, are the means of the budget of local government units.