Year 2015 – New project in in the frame of Technical Knowledge Accelerator®: ATC Erasmus+

Year 2015 – New project in in the frame of Technical Knowledge Accelerator®: ATC Erasmus+

We are pleased to inform you that there was new project in Poznan University of Technology:


The title of the project: The acceleration method of development of transversal competences in the students’ practical training process.

Programme: Erasmus+ Programme

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action 2: Strategic Partnerships

Sector: Strategic Partnerships in the field of Higher education

Project duration: 01.10.2015 – 31.08.2018 (35 months)


The leader of the project:

Poznan University of Technology (Poland) – university

The Partners of the project:

Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland) – university

Czestochowa University of Technology (Poland) – university

The Western Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Poland)  – chamber of commerce

Centria – ammattikorkeakoulu (Finland) – university

JEDU Jokilaaksojen koulutuskuntayhtymä (Finland) – The Federation of Education

Univerza v Mariboru (Slovenia) – university

Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici (Slovakia) – university


The objective of the project:

Development and implementation of an innovative method of accelerating the development of transversal competences of students by improving the use of practical training.



Changes which are taking place on labor market e.g. popularization of teamwork, teleworking, the work in multicultural environments causes, that increasing emphasis is placed not only on high level of professional knowledge of a particular field, but also on the practice and the transversal competences.  Besides poor practical skills, insufficient transversal competences are the one of the most frequently problems related to young employees listed by the employers.

The project responds to the needs of the labor market connected with the transversal skills of the university graduates. It is to accelerate the development of these competences and also make the universities able to respond in a more purposeful and flexible way to the needs of employers. Many studies have shown that the deficiency of transversal skills among university graduates were recorded all over the world. Therefore, the project is to be implemented in international cooperation(8 partners from 4 countries). This will also affect the broader scope of results’ impact generated in the project.


Description of the planned activities and results:

– In the first stage of the project the report concerning applied teaching methods of transversal skills and methods of practical trainings will be made. It will be the analysis of reached and applied solutions of the practical vocational training of students used by the organizations in the project which take into account  the develop of transversal skills.

– the research of transversal skills requirement among min. 100 entrepreneurs will complete the analysis of teaching methods. Inclusion of entrepreneurs from all countries involved in the project in research process  will ensure the knowledge of the labour market needs.

– after receiving the data both from the higher education sector and from business sector the sets of methods of practical training and transversal skills will be further elaborated. The matrix of methods of practical training will be prepared, considered as the tools to teaching transversal skills and transversal skills taking into account their validity for entrepreneurs. This will result in analysing which transversal skills and to what extent are taught in which methods of  practical training.

– the choice of learning forms and corresponding transversal skills will be made on the basis of designed matrix, and then the ways of next steps of education will be analysed to increase skills as soon as possible. At least 5 reference models of developing transversal skills will be designed in such a way, and will be tested in further implementation of the project.

– the test implementation is planned and the examination the most important of process reference models of an acquisition, from the entrepreneurs point of view, with selected practical training methods. Min. 17 groups of students from all of the participating countries will take part in tests.

_ based on the results of testing analysis, representatives from all partner countries will view obtained results and will prepare the characteristics of education processes,  which implementation in the most effective way gives the increase of developmental skills among students. The final analysis of factors will be prepared before the final verification and selection of process or processes, and they may affect the results in implementing phase of validated processes.  In particular the analysis of cultural factors will be made, which may affect effectiveness of teaching of transversal skills in individual countries.

– the final version of the method will be prepared in this result, and the form of it will allow to fulfil at the same time the whole dissemination process and implement it in and outside partner countries. Additional instructions, summaries and guidelines of the implementation will be prepared in this result for entities, which will allow to implement the methods in any country without significant modification in a basic teaching process.

– the dissemination of project results – during the project there will be organized two conferences to disseminate the results developed in the project. The monograph summarizing the research results and analysis from partner countries will be also published. The monograph will concerned the transversal skills in regard to the methods and tools of practical training in each partner countries.

In the competition organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System 72 applications were submitted and only 11 of them received funding. Therefore, we can talk about a big success of the Poznan University of Technology.