Actual works within the tasks of Poznań University of Technology in the project “Time for Professionals – Wielkopolska Professional Education”

Wielkopolska system of education – professional counseling (WSDEZ)

Project team building phase has been completed. The team works now mainly on finalization of the description of the subject of the order for IT system that has been working up till now as Wielkopolska System of Monitoring and Forecasting. New functionalities require precision preparations so elaborating of proper specification is key element of the project.

Meanwhile pilot meetings with 3 from 35 schools covered by modular education within the project have taken place. Conclusions from the meetings will serve for modification of procedures concerning flow of information and documents transmitted to schools.


Still before New Year selection of methodologists will be concluded who will be occupied with preparation of e-learning and till the end of January, 2013 selection of the contractors responsible for elaborating of master methodology units will be carried out.

Organization of practices and trainings

Process of building the team that will handle the organization of practices and trainings has been started. At the moment  the works over procedures are undertaken that will secure efficient communication between the team organizing practices and trainings and schools and companies as well as procedures enabling implementation of effective service of apprentices and trainees.

Preparation of laboratories

It is our pleasure to inform that laboratories which will be located in Poznań obtained new space in renovated buildings of Poznań University of Technology. Change of originally planned localization will allow to secure much better conditions and more comfort of work for the pupils. Laboratories will be located in  the buildings of mechatronics and in the part of the hall of mechanical processing at Piotrowo street. Key element of laboratories preparation is purchase of IT equipment that will be delivered within one tender proceeding.

Laboratories operating personnel

At the moment one person is working on the task and in the following step she will deal with preparation of functioning of the task also in the field of preparing tenders and concluding agreements with subcontractors.