Actual works within the tasks of Poznań University of Technology in the project “Time for Professionals – Wielkopolska Professional Education”

Wielkopolska system of education – professional counseling (WSDEZ)

We have contacted 35 schools covered by modular education within the project to determine or confirm the meetings. Team for keeping relations within the system will in February 2013 and following months nearly every day leave for the meetings in the whole region. During previous visits in schools both pupils as well as the representatives of schools well evaluated the presentation and workshops concerning WSDEZ system. It is important as the introduction into the system of the greatest number of the pupils data will allow intensification of the talks with the companies interested in searching for apprentices and trainees as well as employees.


Selection of the Executor of methodic meetings has been finished according to the schedule. However before the meetings take place it is necessary to elaborate the description of the subject of the order for the e-learning system as well as starting the tender for the execution of the platform.

Organization of practices and trainings

From the beginning of January, 2013 activities connected to the start of practices and trainings are concentrating on preparation of necessary documentation which will allow efficient practices execution. Members of the team for practices take also part in the meetings organized in schools thanks to what it is possible to consult currently the progress of work.

Preparation of laboratories

After the change of original localization of laboratories verification of the documentation concerning adaptation of the premises has been necessary. Shortly works will be started that will allow placing equipment in the laboratories.